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This Super Fun Restaurant In CBD Celebrates South Indian Popular Culture, Food And Quirks

Aakanksha posted on 05 July


From the good folks at Toit, The Permit Room {TPR} puts a dazzling spin on everything you know and love as South Indians {and those who call it home}. These guys get the gimmicky stuff spot on.

Chow Down

Egg Puff, Pandi Spareribs, Brain Dry Fry, Kay Eff Cee {Kaddi Fried Chicken}, Highway Pandi Curry, Donne Biryani

Sip on

Paati’s Magic Rassam, Ammachi’s Kashayam, Jhum Jhum Tiger Balm and Hyper Monk

Winning for

Bringing together Bangalore’s diverse heritage and pop-culture with a different yet familiar twist.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Caricatured pictures, quotes you’ll immediately identify with and chairs with animal portraits on the back leave you amused. Cheery, colourful and very roomy, TPR is ideal for a relaxed evening. We are thrilled that colloquialism finds its way into décor, banter and even the menu. No pretentious folk! Just true blue ‘machas’ and ‘das’.

What’s on the Menu?

Designed to represent delicacies and quirks alike, there’s everything from Guntur Chicken to Kerala Beef Fry. We picked the Iyengar Bakery Egg Puff and it was nothing short of divine – flaky on the outside and soft inside. Then came the Brain Dry Fry which was lamb brain deep fried in masala and Kay Eff Cee {skewered chicken on a kaddi — on the bone}. Try their soups and salads – think Kosambari with Feta cheese and Rasam loaded with crab meat flake additions!

Mains include Meals Ready which is pre-plated or you can mix and match as usual. We had the Myrusu Saru Curry, a succulent lamb korma. All Meals Ready come with choice of red rice, ghee rice, appams, dosas or parottas. Another great option in the section is the sweet and sour Potato And Green Mango Curry – perfect with fluffy appams. Quirky biryanis, Meen Moilee on a tapioca mash, Highway Pandi Curry and of course, the divine Pandi Spareribs coated with typical Coorg spices and natural honey, are other options to try here.

They now also have thalis — vegetarian, chicken, seafood, and all-meat. You get four starters, and you can pick from a curated list of main. It’s actually easier if you pick this. Just switch off the brain, and eat to your heart’s content, da!

Behind Bars

Paati’s Magic Rassam – a whiskey-based cocktail with ginger, green chili and rasam powder, was super spicy but with a great kick. The Hyper Monk, lots of Old Monk and espresso {oh hello insomnia}, was strong and smooth but it was the Kashayam which blew us away. With brandy, cinnamon, cardamom, jaggery, hot water and ginger, this concoction will kick out a flu in one shot! Jhum Jhum Tiger Balm should be your poison if you like brandy mixed with Sichuan Pepper, but it is definitely a bit of an acquired taste.

So, We’re Thinking…

Food, language, set-up and even drinks… This place is unmistakably and effortlessly like home.

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Casual Dining

The Permit Room

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Ashok Nagar

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Casual Dining

The Permit Room

Ashok Nagar