Zipline Over Rain Forests Or Rappel Down A Cliff In Coorg With These Adventure Folks

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What Makes It Awesome

When in Coorg, do nothing, right? Wrong! It’s a fantastic place to get your adrenalin pumping, and The Quarry Adventures knows exactly how to do that! Possibly the first adventure and outdoor theme park in the Kodagu district (that’s Coorg, guys!), The Quarry Adventures is your one-stop shop for all everything adventurous. So the next time you think of going to Coorg and just lazing about, switch up your plans and call on these folks. Apart from off-roading in a jeep and meandering through the rainforests, there’s some serious action part of the plan too. And it’ll get your heart racing, in a good way. From rock climbing and rappelling to zip-lining and hanging ropes, this lot has it all. Imagine zipping over the lush treetops and coffee estates, hanging just by a rope — no amount of drinking can give you that kind of high!

If you’ve got the courage, sign up for the rock climbing and rappelling sessions which will have you scaling rock faces and cliffs (harnessed, of course). If you don’t have the courage, muster it up, because Coorg’s vista is worth it! Not too adventurous but still want to give the great outdoors a shot? The Quarry Adventures also has a set-up of high ropes where you can climb a rope ladder to the higher branches of the tree canopy. Up there, there’ll be an obstacle course made from ropes, and your task is to navigate it. Make sure to have someone on the ground taking photos, or better still videos, as it’s great fun to watch later. If you’re like us, at first you’ll be like a non-balanced baboon but you’ll get better and more refined — just like a Russian trapeze artiste!

Pro Tip

They can even organise less intense activities like treks, so just give them a shot, and get the adventure ball rolling! Covid-19 Update: You can book your adventure experience with The Quarry Adventures right away. They have a whole safety process in place. Of course, they were already offering separate gloves and cap helmets earlier, but these are all individually sanitised now. Each of the harnesses that people wear are also sanitised before and after every use. The Quarry Adventures is also accommodating only one group at one time slot.