These Poufs, Cubes And Stools From The Rug Republic Are Stealing Our Hearts


Although they specialise in rugs and carpets, we are loving the adorable poufs, stools and cubes made with the same fabric (as the carpets) by The Rug Republic.

What Makes It Awesome

When traditional furniture, such as sofas, are too expensive off the shelves and your local carpenter is charging way too much to make one, it’s time to think of alternatives. Enter these adorable poufs, stools and cube-like seating options from republic of Rug. And they don’t cost the earth either.

The Berries Stool in bright upholstered and textured fabrics are our favourites with sturdy legs and elegant rest. The Mosaic pouf with its cheery, well, Mosaic (or one of those large multicoloured Rubik's Cube)  print ensures balance as well as kitsch. The funky Wexford Pouf, the elegant Carson Pouf and the basic yet comfy Hazel Poufs are other winners. For more sober Poufs, there's the Levanzo Pouf or Madeira Poufs. 

Well, their gorgeous carpets for sure, but get ready to shell out big bucks. Available in beautiful weaves and textures, the workmanship is lovely and these are probably investments. We have already given our hearts to this cute and fluffy wool on, probably meant for a kiddie room, but we are kids at heart, aren’t we?


If nothing catch your fancy, or you have a very  specific design in mind, they even take custom orders for the rugs!