The Runner's Guide To Buying Shoes In Bangalore

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The shoe tops the list of accessories you need as a runner but getting the right pair can get mightily confusing. Here is a short quiz to know if you need to read any further.

Which shoe should you buy?

The one which matches with my running shorts The one my runner friend raves about The one on a massive discount right now None of the above

If you picked 1, 2 or 3. Well done! You have earned the right to read this article {maybe twice}.

If you picked 4 — smart cookie aren’t you? But to know the ‘real right answer’ read on.

Here are five simple tips before you go out to get your running pair.

Feet Type

This might not come as a surprise but we all have different feet type. No, we are not talking about cracked heels and large middle toes, but how your feet behave when you are on the move. Your feet movement {gait} could be categorised under — neutral pronation, overpronation or a supination. Say wha??? Worry not, these are not Latin names of diseases, it is perfectly alright to supinate {in certain circles, it’s even a style statement}. In Namma Bengaluru there are a bunch of shops, sports medicine hospitals, physiotherapists who conduct gait analysis, which tells you what kind of feet you have and takes the guess work out of your shoe shopping.

Shoe Type

Now that you know what type of feet you have, there are shoes made specifically for your feet type by almost all the popular shoe manufacturers you know of. You can get suggestions from the place you got your gait analysed from. You can also google your foot type. So if you are an overpronator, Google – ‘shoes for overpronation India’ to get suggestions. Head over to RicochetRun if you’re looking for professional advice.

Offline Shopping

With science backing you after the gait analysis, you still need to turn up at a store to try the shoes. No going online on this one yet. A good time to go shoe shopping is usually in the evening when your feet are most expanded. Look for a runner-friendly store. Many brands now have speciality running outlets in Bangalore. You will get better service there. Think RicochetRun, Nike, adidas and Puma. Or even any of the Decathalon outlets.

The Right Size(s)

Now this might come as a shocker but for most of us — both our feet are not the same size. So when at a runner-friendly store, make sure you measure the size of both your feet. In India we don’t get customised shoes yet so you will have to buy your pair keeping the larger foot in mind. Once you have the right size, wear socks of the kind of thickness you like and wear both shoes. To run well you need to keep both your feet happy.

Test Ride

Buying a pair of shoes is no different from buying your next motorised vehicle. Make sure you wear both shoes and spend some time in them. Make sure your toes are comfortable and not cramped. See if the shoe is wide enough, especially if you have wide feet. Jog around the store. If the shopkeeper objects, you are not in a runner-friendly store. Most good running stores let you jog and jump around. Some even have a treadmill for you to try running in them, use it. No amount of science can replace the ‘feel’ you have for a shoe. Make sure you listen to your feet, get the right fit. While RicochetRun, is Bangalore’s first specialist running store, stores such as Nike {on Brigade Road}, adidas {on 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar} and Decathlon Anubhava {on Airport Road} are also great options.

Pay For Quality

Running shoes can be expensive and though serious runners spend a lot on running, you might not want to. For certain brands like Asics, Brooks, Nike, and Adidas, the budget for a good pair might start from INR 5,000. The Kalenji running shoes from Decathlon are great value for money with the range starting from INR 1,000. The stores mentioned above will have only some of their staff trained to help runners. Make sure you ask specifically for the staff trained for helping select running shoes.

Finding that perfect pair of shoes will take time. Overtime by strengthening your foot your feet type can change too. As you understand your running better, your choice of shoes will also get refined. The right pair of shoes is a perfect travel companion and most runners carry them all around the globe with them. While looking for a pair, just remember to always vote with your feet!


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