Kids Love To Doodle? This Brand Will Turn Their Piece Of Art Into A Cool T-Shirt


    Wouldn’t it be cool to see your kid wear a tee with a drawing she/he did? The Talking Canvas just does that. Plus, it’s a socially conscious brand that gives back to the society. Win-Win.

    Cool Canvas

    If your kid, niece, nephew, little sister or brother is a Michelangelo or Frida Kahlo in the making, chances are that they will be churning out artwork in record numbers. And that could only mean no space on the door of the fridge and not enough walls in the house. Instead of having to face the kid’s wrath you can now have their artwork on a tee shirt. Pretty cool, right? You’ve got The Talking Canvas to thank. They happily accept your kid’s artwork as a donation. That piece of art is then transferred onto a tee along with the brand’s design quirks. Perfect for gifts and will leave the kids smiling in happiness, no? You can also shop for tees that feature other kids’ designs and we are already loving the existing collection of tees. There’s this rather cute Batman tee that this writer thinks his nephew will absolutely love wearing.

    Barely a year old, The Talking Canvas is brand with a mission to help kids become self-aware and creative through art. On a quick chat with the founder Anusha, she tells us that the business model is such that a part of the profits is directed towards empowering underprivileged kids by supplying art materials and conducting art sessions for them. The brand regularly conducts art sessions and workshops with NGOs or in collaboration with schools, so as to provide a platform for the kids to draw.

    Draw It Out

    The process is quite simple. You can upload the best hand-drawn artwork(s) of your child on to the website, where the brand’s design team will go over the design and see if it can be featured on their newest collection. If it’s selected, the artwork along with the child will be featured on the website, along with the apparel with the said design. The best part is the child gets a tee with their design send to their house for free! We are already considering submitting our ‘artwork’ that we did as kids, but then again, it’s best that they remain buried away.