Check Out The Authentic Podi's From Andhra Foods Online!

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Growing up in Chennai, I have always been exposed to some good traditional authentic Andhra food, be it from the homes of my friends, restaurants like Amaravathi, New Andhra Meals Hotel, and the umpteen Andhra mess that I visited almost every day during my college days. Well when I moved to Bangalore that connection was cut off, as very few Andhra restaurants in Bangalore serve something close to authentic. What are those, well that is reserved for a separate post.

Today I want to showcase the delicious podis that I ordered recently from Andhra Foods Online. First time ordering here, and what better way to start off with a portion of Pappula Podi and Kandhi Podi. Pappula Podi is a staple in most Andhra households and most restaurants and what gets commonly passed off the gun powder. Upon mixing it in hot rice with a dollop of ghee, and with the first morsel I was delighted. The pappula podi was absolutely delicious, to the core and took me back to those Andhra homes where I have fond memories of eating in and savoring a delicious Andhra meal. While I am not an expert in Andhra cuisine, I can absolutely vouch for the taste, I simple enjoyed, infact I did not even know what ingredients go into a pappula podi. Do note, the podi’s are customized and ground freshly based on individual orders, so feel free to specify your preference when she asks you kindly about the spice levels, Less Spicy, Medium, Spicy. I went with the authentic version which is spicy and I absolutely loved it, but it may not be to everyone’s taste.

Now I can’t wait to try the Kandhi Podi, so do wait for my next post on that, soon.

I do know Sakhi personally and hence I do understand the measures she painstakingly takes to keep the podis as close to authentic as possible. Being an Andhra cuisine connoisseur, she can tell you the authenticity and the origin of a particular dish and its history. It is very rare to find people who are as passionate about their craft as she is. I am happy that I got to sample her delightful creation and there is more on offer from her home kitchen. Do checkout the menu that comprises of not just podis, but also Andhra pickles, sweets, and masala powders, all up in her Instagram page, and it is frequently updated based on what the season demands and what is seasonally available