Wardrobe To Stationery: Ace Work From Home With This Handy Guide

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Work from home is the norm, at least for the foreseeable future. All of us at LBB are loving this whole WFH situation, so much so that each of us has got a work from home routine going on. Whether it's their wardrobe choice or the gadgets they are using, in this ultimate guide to acing work from home, we have covered them all. Make your 9-5 job at home great again! 

Let's Start With The Wardrobe First

Yes, we are already used to working in our boxers and PJs, but then again, when you have your town halls and client meetings, you gotta look like you put in the effort, right? These four local brands will help you ace your work from home look. 

Get Cute Shirts & Tops From June First

June Studios

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This local brand that we are going vocal for has a cool collection of women's apparel starting at an easy INR 1,199. If shirts are your go-to work apparel, this navy blue number is a good option to start with. If you want some bright colours and need to look fashionable in a webinar that you are hosting, this pink shirt is a good bet. If it's something fun and casual, June First has you covered there too with this fun cactus embroidered shirt

Buy Desi Styles From Fabnest


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A range of affordable clothing apparel in all kinds for both men and women is what you can find from Fabnest. While they have clothing in Western styles, it's the Indian ones we are recommending for your work from home wardrobe. Ladies, this Ghera tunic with Jaipuri Prints is a sure winner. And men, we recommend this leaf block printed shirt

Men, Keep It Formal Or Casual With Tusok


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A personal favourite of this writer, Tusok's collection has casual and formal shirts for men. The formal shirts are super office-friendly -- you get them in solids, full-sleeves, and regular fit. Also, did we tell you that they are priced at a cool 949 but with major discounts? The casual shirts are our favourites with this printed shirt guaranteed to make you look fly at any video call. Another favourite is this printed pink shirt.

Keeping It Casual? Get Graphic Tees From Foxrobe Then


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If tees are what you always wore to work, then say hello to Foxrobe and their collection of graphic tees for men and women. Priced at INR 999, but with discounts on most products, you can get a statement graphic tee for as low as INR 399. We've got our hands on this "Hustle" printed crew neck tee and this "Millionaire" printed crew neck tee

Next Up, The Must-Have Work From Home Gadgets

Xmate Laptop Cooling Pad, 4 Fan Design, Metal Mesh, Adjustable Height, LED Light, 2 USB Ports, Support 10 inches to 17 inches Laptops, USB Powered (Black) - Buy Xmate Laptop Cooling Pad, 4 Fan Design, Metal Mesh, Adjustable Height, LED Light, 2 USB Ports, Support 10 inches to 17 inches Laptops, USB Powered (Black) Online at Low Price in India - Amazon.in

We're keeping this short because we've already made a list of the best gadgets you need to buy to stay productive. But from that list, if we were to pick the most important gadget, then it's the laptop cooling pad. With all these Zoom meetings and multiple excel sheets, we know your laptop is hotter than the sun. Our laptops are close to being identified by NASA as a cluster of suns. You can buy Xmate Laptop Cooling Pad on Amazon and cool your laptop as much as possible. Also, here's the link to the best gadgets for work from home.  

Don't Forget About Your Snacks & Coffee

If you remember what it used to be to work in an office, then you'd know of those endless cups of coffee or green tea and those constant munching on snacks. These three brands will keep you caffeinated and help you snack guilt-free while you are crushing it at work. 

Drink Single Estate Coffee From Bili Hu

Bili Hu

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You might be those folks who lived on the coffee machine coffee at work or you could be the instant coffee person at home. It's alright, we've all been there until we tried some of Bili Hu's coffee from its estates in Chikmagalur. Their Robusta Arabica Blend, Cold Brew Blend and Balur Estate Coffee will make you a coffee connoisseur in no time. And the best part? You'll stay caffeinated properly. Try the extra-bold Mysore Nugget coffee that has chocolate overtones too. You find out all the coffee brands that Team LBB relies on here.  

Drink Instant Chai With Chaika


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Craving for that your local chai bhaiyya's chai? Let Chaika take care of that. All you need is some hot water and a Chaika sachet and your tea is ready. Pick from our favourite, the Bombay Cutting Chai amongst the different kind of flavours available for you to buy. Chaika is also one of the top tea brands that folks at LBB swear by. 

Munch On Some Crunchies From Omay Foods

Omay Foods

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One of our favourite snack brands right now, Omay Food satisfies your cravings for savoury snacks with their guilt-free options. Protein-rich Chana, Spicy Masala Moong, Jaggery Coated Millet & Chana and our favourite the Potato Flakes. So many options to munch on while you are working. The best part of that all their snacks are preservatives-free and devoid of any artificial sweeteners. While you are at it, check out our favourite snack brands right now

Finally, Attend Cool Webinars & Workshops

Being productive doesn't mean you just busting your bottoms off, it also means taking that well-deserved break. If you love webinars, then you got to attend the LBB Open House that we have week in and week out. We've some awesome industry experts coming and sharing their expertise and professional journey in these open-to-all webinars. You can watch the previous episodes on LBB TV. Apart from this, we have a whole lot of events for you to attend. LBB Go Online gives you access to over 100 events that you can sign up and participate. We are talking DIY workshops, beauty & make up masterclasses, cooking & baking masterclasses, arts & crafts workshops, and book readings. Go on and explore! 


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