The World Is A Canvas For This Decor Brand That Paints On Everything From Tiffin Boxes To Toys

What Makes It Awesome

Inspired by Indian crafts and folk art, Coloured Rims is a brand that is quirking up our homes, one kitsch and colourful product at a time. With a range of beautifully hand-painted decor, expect to see painted boxes, wooden toy cars and trucks, glass water bottles, coasters and more. One of the coolest things we found were their hand-painted tiffin boxes. Remember those old school metal tiffins? These guys just gave them a hipster makeover in a series titled Mumbai Ka Dabbawalla.

What Could Be Better?

For an online brand, they lack much of an online presence and we could only find them on Facebook here - { } and on Instagram here - { }.

What's My Pro Tip?

They also set up shop at flea markets, so keep a lookout for them at those and follow them on Facebook to find out where they’ll be at next.

Anything Else?

Since everything is meticulously hand-painted, their price tags are on the steeper side of the spectrum, starting at around INR 1,000. Give their Facebook Page and Insta handle a browse and place your orders.