Floral Quilts To Sheer Drapes: This Decor Label Is Home Linen Central

    What Makes It Awesome

    Bright pops of colour, modern prints and plenty of quirk. The Yellow Dwelling has got all the right home linen to make your place a happy home. We’re always on the lookout for dreamy home decor, and this quest lead us to stumble across The Yellow Dwelling, a Bangalore-based decor brand that sells everything from cushions and curtains to tablecloths and table runners, and bedspreads too. And in such cutesy and modern designs too.

    We’re talking cushion covers with Aztec prints on them and others in contemporary chevron patterns, to sheer drapes and curtains that let plenty of natural light flood your room. What we love most about their collection is the pop of colour it brings to any space. No dull maroons and navy, but pleasant teals, peaches and rose gold. Made only with soft cottons and other all natural fabrics, it’s a breath of fresh air, away from the synthetic and polyester blends available in abundance everywhere, and you’ll actually want to cuddle their cushions because these don’t make your skin feel itchy.

    The Yellow Dwelling takes care of most of your home linen needs from tableware to bed sheets. They take it easy on the quirk with other things like their simple patterned curtains, available in soft pastels like baby blue and pale pink and their plainer cushions with easy prints like stripes and polka dots. You can shop their stuff online at their website here or catch them at flea markets like Sunday Soul Sante from time to time. Prices start at INR 250.


    Check out their quirky stuff too. We love their Canadian Pinewood & Resin Carved Chessboard Table!