Ditch Those Dog Day Blues With A Visit To TherPup - Bangalore's First Doggie Cafe

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If you’re looking for a day-long retreat and love dogs, good food, and classic Bangalore weather, then TherPup is a must visit! We took along one of our doggie pals to test the cafe out.

What Makes It Awesome

TherPup is done up with charming hand-painted dog murals. Their main attraction, however, are the dogs! Five of the more friendlier ones are in the main restaurant area, and two hyper indies are in a separate yard. Each time someone arrives at the cafe, the dogs will greet you in in a giant pack, with wagging tails and wet noses. The cafe is run by Vinayak, the head chef, and Ankur, a certified dog trainer, who are assisted by several volunteers. 

We recommend the Big Mouth Chicken Burger (get ready for gigantic bites), nachos and fresh fruit juice. The burger is messy, but satisfying (the fries aren't that great), and the nachos can be made vegan friendly too. For your puppy pal, try the Sweet Potato Kisses (dried yak cheese and honey-dipped potatoes) — clearly, your pup will be spoilt for choice here. Honestly, the dog menu looks so good, you might just want it for yourself.

If you want to bring your dog, or you yourself are afraid of dogs but want to go, take a chance. The people that run the cafe are extremely well versed on how to deal with these situations. It’s a win on all sides!

What Could Be Better

Their (human) food isn't always consistent in terms of taste. 


They also have another, larger centre in Yelahanka with a pet resort, pool, and boarding facilities.