History Buffs, To Beach Babies - There's Plenty To Do Near Bekal Beach

    Stressful current events do evoke a sense of wanting to get away from it all and live on an uninhabited island or hill and just forget about the world, even if for a few days. With most parts of the country crawling with humans, even that doesn’t give too much respite (looking at you, Goa). The West Coast (especially God’s Own Country) is a sliver of heaven, and Bekal Beach in Kasaragod (we’re aware that Karnataka and Kerala are constantly fighting for custody of this quaint town) should be on your travel bucket list. Forts, beaches, and resorts, there’s something for everyone if you're looking for things to do in and around Bekal Beach. 

    Travel Back In Time At Bekal Fort

    The ruins of Bekal Fort still retain the basic structures and foundations of its keyhole shape. Overlooking the cloudy and moody sky and the torrid sea, it’s no wonder Mani Ratnam used it as a set for Tu Hi Re/Uiyre (depending on which language you watched it in). The previously well-fortified structure on the cliff is well maintained and reminiscent of Scottish highlands and overlooks Bekal Beach. Peep out through the holes facing the sea, stand at the viewpoint for some sea spray during high tide and get a dramatic picture against the sea.

    Sun, Sand, And Sea At Bekal Beach

    Walk down the steep stairs (we can really imagine the strategic planning that went into the fort) to Bekal Beach. Dip your feet in (but don’t go swimming - the waters are known to be rough and currents strong) and walk along the coastline. Take a picnic basket and make a day of your trip to the beach and Bekal fort. We’re going to let you know that there are technically two Bekal Beaches - one by the fort, and one near Chirammal Bridge - both picturesque in different ways. But when you say Bekal Beach, you're likely to be directed to the one by the fort. 

    Pray For Some Inner Peace At Ananthapura Temple

    If you’re the spiritual or religious kind, or even enjoy architecture, the Ananthapura Lake Temple around 45 minutes away from Bekal Beach might pique your interest. Located in the middle of the lake, the temple is an example of classic Malabar architecture and is open to anyone of any faith and denomination. But you know what’s really cool? Being in the middle of a two acre lake, the temple is guarded by a vegetarian crocodile that’s spotted near a cave (that legend says, is connected to Thiruvananthapuram) at the corner of the water body! Go figure. 

    Hike Up The Misty Ranipuram Hill

    Ranipuram is a hill station around 50 odd kilometres from Bekal Beach. The peak rises to 1022 metres above sea level and is covered in a nice shade of green. Come monsoons the rolling hills are covered with mist and fog and is a common trekking destination due to its moderately difficult climb. It takes around two hours to reach the summit, but you won't complain, as the view of the magically green highlands will push you to the top. Save for summer months, the climate is cool and windy, and the view point is perfect for all the Insta-worthy photoshoots we know you'll orchestrate. 

    Row Down Valiyaparamba Backwaters

    What’s a visit to Kerala without experiencing its backwaters? Valiyaparamba, depending on who you ask, is a thin strip of land between the sea and a river basin around half an hour away from Bekal Beach. With four rivers running their course into the Arabian Sea, the boat trips on the backwaters offer great sunset views, a serene experience of floating past tiny coconut tree lined islands, and the quintessential houseboat experience. Apart from the romantic views of the rustic life, you can choose to cross wooden bridges to some of the more accessible islands by foot if you're feeling adventurous. 

    Bring Out Your Culture Vulture At Nileshwar

    Known as the cultural hub of the area, Nileshwar has a traditional history knowledge centre for all you culture vultures. Around 30 odd kilometres from Bekal beach, the town boasts of a palace and a knowledge centre by the Department of Archeology. The plus point? It's by pristine backwaters where you can enjoy the views over a nice cup of chai. If you’re looking for entertainment, the town is also known for the Theyyam dance form, and the dance schools around put up shows regularly. 

    Chase Sunsets At Kappil Beach

    Kappil Beach is around three kilometres from Bekal Beach, and near the Taj Bekal property as well as the Kappil River. The beach is one of the more commercial ones around (as in, there are quite a few resorts, so if you're already staying nearby, just use this opportunity to walk the entire beach with no disturbance).  Should you be travelling by yourself, the beach also has a few quieter nooks and is dotted with rocks for when you want to sit alone and stare into the sea in contemplation. The sunset views are gorgeous, and there are a few rivulets that meet the sea, so this is the ideal beach for some nature therapy.