Eat, Drink, Repeat: Everything You Can Do At Fraser Town

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Pulakeshi Nagara/Pulikeshi Nagar or as it's commonly known as Fraser Town is a suburb in Bangalore's North-East side and is known mainly for its residential and food scene. According to BBMP records, the suburb was named after Stuart Mitford Fraser, who was the tutor and guardian to Krishna Raja Wodeyar IV of Mysore, but in 1988 it was renamed Pulikeshi Nagar. The new name never caught on because you will see establishments in the vicinity still adding Fraser Town to their address.   

Fraser Town's most popular roads and lanes include Mosque Road, MM (Madhavraya Mudaliar) Road, Coles Road, Wheeler Road, Haines Road, and Promenade Road. We've picked out the best things to do in Fraser Town with respect to food, shopping, and what to see. 

Where To Eat

The majority of Fraser Town's food scene is located on Coles Road, Mosque Road, and MM Road. Coles Road is connected to MM Road by Mosque Road. 

Albert Bakery

The iconic, legendary, and centuries-old Albert Bakery is an institution and no trip to Fraser Town is complete without grabbing some mutton samosa, sausage rolls, plain croissants, and fresh bread. Do check out their festive menu during Ramadan and Christmas -- think Mutton Kheema Samosa and Hot Cross Buns. 

Price: INR 20 onwards  

Thom's Bakery & Supermarket

Another landmark in Fraser Town, Thom's (located on Wheeler Road) is known for its fresh bread, and bakery products such as pastries, puffs, and samosas. Plus, the supermarket stocks up on local and imported products from ingredients to snacks, and their alcohol store that's stocked with all the latest gin, rum, and whiskey brands. In short, Thom's has everything from daily groceries to satisfying to card cravings. 

Price: INR 20 onwards 


Located on MM Road, Sheeshkebab is one of our favourite spots in town for Persian kebabs as well as juicy and flavourful Indian kebabs. Kebab-E-Makhsoos, Jooje Irani Kebab, Polo Biryani, and Chelo Rice Kebab Koobideh are what we recommend. Oh and we recommend the private dining area if you are coming in a large group. 

Price: INR 200 onwards

Siddique Kebab Centre

Another must-visit institution, Siddique Kebab Centre on St. John's Road serves up 28 types of kebabs and biryani that start at INR 90. You also get rolls and grilled chicken. We recommend Chicken Tikka, Hariyali Kebab and Tandoori Chicken are all succulent and they satisfy the soul and any hunger pangs you might have. 

Price: INR 90 onwards

Chichaba's Taj

Chichaba's Taj is well-known for its biryani, especially for the Mutton Dum Biryani and the kebab spread. The boneless chicken kebab, bheja fry, mutton seekh kebab, and Sallu Ki Butter Chicken. Their entire starter menu will leave you filling happy and tummy fully. Oh, be sure to try the phirni

Price: INR 120 onwards

Karama Restaurant

Karama is known for its Arabic, Karachi and Punjabi dishes. You can fill up on Mandi or seekh kababs and Pakistani delicacies like Karachi Dum Gosht. While you are at it, look out for specials such as Mutton Paya, Peshawari Kebab and Nalli Nihari. 

Price: INR 120 onwards

Manjit Da Dhabha

Manjit Da Dhaba serves vegetarian Punjabi fare with flair. Located at the end of Wheeler Road, the low-key decorated restaurant has a list of parathas that you must try. Our favourites include aloo, gobi, paneer, and mooli. All the parathas come topped with dollops of butter. In the curries, try the baingan bartha and rajma

 Price: INR 80 onwards

Sherlock's Pub & Bar

The only watering hole (that we approve of) in Fraser Town is where you can go for a beer or two or more. This is the OG Sherlock by the way. You can find folks from techies to uncles sitting here and having a beer. Live screenings are a norm here. Bar nibbles include Jalapeno Cheese Poppers, Onion Rings, and Chilli Chicken. 

Price: INR 199 onwards

Special Mentions

Theobroma: For brownies, desserts and cakes

Khan Saheb: For filling rolls, especially their kali mirch chicken tikka double roll. 

Arabian Tea Cafe: For 64 varieties of tea including tandoori chai, Zafrani chai, and sulaimani

Lazio Steaks & More: Tuck into Salisbury Steak to Chateaubriand Supreme Steak here. 

Where To Shop

Fraser Town's shopping scene isn't big or happening when you compare it with the likes of Koramangala, Indiranagar or Commercial Street. 

Carry Fresh: The department store is your one-stop shop for everything from daily groceries, homeware and kitchenware, cleaning supplies, fresh vegetables and fruits, and imported sweets and snacks. 

Standard Tea: Stock up on a wide range of varieties of teas from Assamese Green Tea to Oolong, and buy it by the gram. 

Malka Design Studio: Get salwar suits, anarkali, long gowns, or even crop tops and skirts. Also, check them out for Pakistani salwar kameez. 

Lustre Studio: Located on Saunders Road, the studio is known for bridal wear and for customer wear such as pant sarees, kurtas with draped bottoms, and three-piece jumpsuits. 

Crankmeister: One-stop shop for all your cycle needs, repairs, and accessories. 

Accurate Demolishers

This hidden gem isn't exactly in Pulkeshi Nagar, but it's on St. John's Road and on the same lane as Siddique Kebab Centre. The store is a treasure trove of antiques. You'll find everything from chaise lounges, antique chandelier lights, old London-style streetlights, vintage radios and clocks, doors, showpieces, and painted plates. You can spend hours here just browsing through the collection. 

Pretty Dan Good Salon

One of the more popular salons in Bangalore and highly recommended by LBB users and patrons alike, go here to get a full-blown makeover or a stylish haircut and hair wash. Or even get your hair coloured. They also are one of the few curly hair friendly salons in Bangalore. They also have an academy where you can learn the tricks of the trade.