Beach-Hopping To Gadbad Ice Cream: Five Things You Cannot Miss When You're In Gokarna

Sure you go to Gokarna to do absolutely nothing but lounge on a beach or lie in a hammock and read/snooze, behind a pair of large sunglasses. But hey ho, there’s also much to do in this sleepy seaside town. And don’t be all upset, some of it includes beaches and food too.

Beach Hopping

Paradise Beach

Give your bottom a rest from sitting on beach and instead trek from one beach to the other. Since the whole area is not very vast, you can actually wander from the shore, up to the hills, and meander down to the next beach. It is quite a trek, but in one day you can actually cover Paradise, Om, Kudle and the Half Moon beach. But don’t be lazy, don’t take the auto, just explore. A word of caution though: don’t count on Google maps. Get a local guide or get detail directions, and whatever you do, don’t lose sight of the shoreline. Make it your North Star!

Eat At Namaste Cafe And Chez Christophe

Namaste Cafe

Available Online

For a gorgeous view of Om Beach, pick Namaste Cafe. Serving up many cuisines — from Chinese to Italian, don’t get too excited about getting authentic flavours here. It’s Indianised but good. Try the calamari and Chilli Chicken. For a more informal setup {like La Plage in Goa}, hit up Chez Christophe. Specialising in French cuisine, the fare is homely and in fact, mostly organic. Fresh breads out of a brick oven, veggies from the garden, and chill vibes, the cafe is right on the Main Beach. Grab a spot on the outdoor beach area or park yourself on the swing seat to watch the sunset. Of course, you’ll have to fight off other guests for it!

Learn How To Surf

Cocopelli Surf School

When you’re at a beach, you’ve got to learn how to surf. If you’re anything like me, then you’ll start off with it for fun, and in no time, you’ll be extending your holiday to actually learn it. The Cocopelli Surf School is your best bet. Recognised by the International Surf Association, pick from fun sessions, one, three and six day lessons. And prices start at INR 2,000. Yes, a bit steep for a single class, but come on, imagine riding the waves at exotic locations across the globe. That’s called serious swag, y’all!

Eat Gadbad Ice Cream

Prema Restaurant

A popular ice cream had along the coast of Karnataka, Gadbad for the uninitiated, is a sundae made up of different flavours of ice cream, sauce, fruits and nuts. It’s quite a riot and strangely, a much-loved delicacy. Head over to Prema Restaurant, an unassuming hole-in-the-wall eatery on Beach Road for your share of this quirky ice cream. It’s a great way to beat the heat. Plus, you can’t say no to ice cream of any kind, can you?

Hit Up Car Street

Car Street

It’s not your average High Street, but hey, you take what you get. And if what you get is cool trinkets, unique books {as the Shree Radhakrishna Bookstore}, sarongs and rings just like Jack Sparrow would wear, then we’ll take it over the expensive city shopping. Oh, and if you’re a leftover hippie from the 60s and 70s, you’ll be tripping on the slippers, the balloon pants, flouncy skirts and tie-dye tops, tees and dresses.