Comedian Sanjay Manaktala Tells You Where To Eat, Drink and Make Merry In The Buzzing Indiranagar


    One of the coolest things about Bangalore is the amazing mix of people from all over the world who settle here. And one of the most annoying things is when people who visit a place and then only hang out with those from the place they originally came from. When I moved here in 2010, I didn’t want to pick up a Lonely Planet and just be surrounded by other people from America {that’s where I moved from}. I didn’t want to drink in some dingy dive bar filled with dudes, but I also didn’t want to search for the fanciest place and pay INR 1,000 for a drink, only to realise I’m the only one in there.

    When I would visit my cousins who grew up in Mumbai, every other month they would take me some place {despite all my Googling of what was trendy} that would blow me away. Cheap drinks, great food and most importantly, an amazing crowd of local like-minded twenty somethings along with everything else. They grew up here, and so just like when they visited me in Los Angeles, they just had a pulse on the city nobody else really did. So, that being said, if you’re in Bangalore, enjoying a fun weekend and wanna “do what everybody else does” and basically feel like you picked the right place to spend your Friday night, let me give you some tips for 2017 on how to spend it.

    Destination: Indiranagar

    Bangalore has a bunch of hotspots, but I’ll focus on Indiranagar here. If downtown LA is Bangalore’s MG Road {e.g. some restaurants but mainly commercial/offices} then Indiranagar is the Santa Monica complete with bars, clubs, crowds from the middle class to extreme socialite, and most importantly, the area where most people who love LBB can be found.

    Break Bread At

    Hole In the Wall Cafe

    Actually in Koramangala but close enough, head here for Western breakfasts with Indian twists. The Eggless Egg Burji is pretty cool.

    Where: 4, 8th Main Road,  4th Block, Koramangala

    Contact: 080 40949490

    Price: INR 600 plus tax for two {approx.}

    Timings: 9am – 12:30pm

    Find out more about them here. Follow them on Facebook here.

    Madurai Idly Shop

    It’s great to see people from taxi drivers to Goldman Sach’s hotshots eating at this Indiranagar joint.

    Where: 3051 80 Feet Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indira Nagar

    Contact: 080 25202255

    Price: INR 200 for two

    Timings: 7am – 10.30pm

    Find out more about them here.

    Dinner Without Drinks


    Only open on weekends, OMG! The food is amazing and is typical, and authentic Coorgi style. Go here very hungry, and make sure you like pork.

    Where:  477, Shri Krishna Temple Rd, Near Karnataka Bank, Indiranagar 1st Stage

    Contact: +91 9845493688

    Price: INR 475

    Timings: 12.45pm – 3pm and 7.45pm – 11pm

    When The Night Comes



    Indira Nagar, Bangalore

    It’s pretty standard recommendation these days, but if you’re from out of town and want to see the most typical Bangalore mix of people and have amazing beer, this is packed any day of the week, from 1pm to 11pm. This is a great place for out-of-towners to be impressed that you took them somewhere nice {read: not empty}. And this is what you can order.

    Where: 298, 100 Feet Road, Near KFC Restaurant, Indiranagar

    Contact: +91 9019713388

    When: Sunday-Thursday from noon-11.30pm, Friday and Saturday from noon-1am

    Find out more about them here. Follow them on Facebook here.