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Stuck At Sony World Junction? Here's What You Can Do Instead Of Growing Old

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At LBB, we take #ifoundawesome very seriously. In fact, so seriously that while we were stuck at the infamous Sony World Junction for several centuries, we had our light bulb moment. We ditched the cab we were in and explored the wonderful little junction that has seen people grow old and three versions of the iPhone release while they were waiting for the signal to turn green. Of course, don't go hating us now because of this recommendation, think of this as a fun read when you are stuck at the signal.  

Shop For Camping Gear At Wildcraft

If you are stuck between the peak morning hours of 8 am and 11 am, then we suggest you give up any hope of heading to work. Call in sick or work from home, and head to the Wildcraft showroom to purchase some cool camping gear. They have tents too, so you might want to buy one and pitch a tent at the Sony World Signal and work from there.

Shop At Lifestyle

 Everything from a Flash tee to a The Simpsons boxers is available at Lifestyle. Our picks would be the Flash tee shirt (in the hope that traffic moves faster). Of course, while you are at Lifestyle, why not pick up some formal wear for the office and ethnic wear. There's plenty! 

Taco And Tequila At Taco Bell

If you are stuck during the noon to 3 pm peak hour traffic, then forget lunch at the office. Head to Taco Bell for lunch and call it a half day. They have free WiFi, so when it comes to any emails that need instant replying, you are sorted. Our pick of the menu would be the Crispy Chicken and Fajita Veggies Tacos, Mexican Fries, Chalupas, and Hard Shakes (alcoholic) and beer (Corona, Kingfisher, and Bira).

4 PM Snack At Ramji Lal's Chaat Kiosk

Honestly, if you ask us, it’s always peak time at the junction. But luckily, towards the evening, all these small eating joints pop up and one such joint is that of Ramji’s. Located at the entrance of Oasis Mall, our man is known for his aloo tikki chaat and samosa chaat. Priced at INR 20, the chaats are the perfect 4 pm snack. You wouldn’t mind ditching the cab or auto as you are in for snacks you can't just have once. He also does bhel puri in case you want something crunchy. He’s open up until 9 pm guys, so if you are stuck between that time, you know where to head to for that mid-traffic snack.

Shopping At 1/256 Part Commercial Street

Like a teensy-weensy Comm Street, you can do your shopping for footwear and accessories from the small shops located right at the exit of Oasis Mall. While there are roughly six shops, four of them sell all kinds of footwear from flats to wedges and Kolhapuris to heels. The average price is around INR 300, but our favourite shop is that of Al Faaz’s where the collection is good and prices start at INR 150. He also accepts Paytm and card payments as well. The accessory shop packs everything from bangles to earrings and hair clips to stockings.

Buy A Fidget Spinner From Sapphire Toys

This for the next time you are stuck at Sony World Junction or any other traffic jams. They have the regular ones as well as the LED ones that light up every time you spin them. You could also buy a large stuffed toy that you can probably hug and cry into the next time you are stuck at the signal.