A Perfect Place To Relax & Sip On Some High-Quality Coffee!

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Third Wave Coffe Roasters as the name suggests it is named after third wave coffee movement which is a movement worldwide to produce high-quality coffee and consider coffee as an artisan food like wine rather than a commodity. The unique thing about this place is that you can opt for a manually brewed coffee which you don't really find in the menu at any other branded cafe chains, there are 5 international standard manual brewing process, inverted aero press, Chemex, French press, pour over (v60) and syphon. It's a nice peaceful place to chill & relax and have a sip of coffee.

    How Much Did It Cost?

    ₹1,000 - ₹3,000

    Best To Go With?

    Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids