Indiranagar Folks, This Is Where You Should Get Your Caffeine Kick From

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Let’s face it — Indiranagar had been needing a good coffee shop for the longest time. And no, the Matteos, Starbucks and Costa Coffees don’t really count. We are talking about great coffee, good conversations and a place where you can relax and even work out of. If you agree with us, then you will know where to get your coffee from! No need to trudge all the way to Koramangala to drink your favourite coffee at Third Wave Coffee Roasters because guys, have now made their mark in Indiranagar too!

You know what that means, right? It’s time for their manual brewed single estate coffees to espresso-based ones, and the hipster flat white to the innovative coffee tonic and decadent affogatos to make mornings bright and caffeinated. Now, the only thing we are hoping is that soon start their coffee delivery service in Indiranagar.


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