Ten-Second Takeaway

While coffee clearly takes centrestage here, the menu complements all the caffeine beverages perfectly. Plus, a trendy and well designed ambience and decor to keep things as smooth as your cappuccino.

Chow Down

French fries, Skillet Cookie

Sip On

Their freshly brewed coffees of course, especially the Ganga Estate. Plus, the Rosemary Lavender Sea Salt Mocha.

Winning For

Their excellent coffee, exotic, flavoured mochas and lattes, and their menu, which is completely in tune with the coffee.

Lowdown On The Ambience

The set up of Third Wave Coffee Roasters would be as at home in Bushwick as it is in Koramangala. The space has been done up thoughtfully and with taste {we got a very hipster vibe}. Asymmetrical wooden furniture, lots of lights, and the main brew area where coffee is made in various contraptions. We sat out in a really lovely balcony with a long running bench on one side and tables and chairs. We definitely took down some design inspiration with their funky industrial lights, and admired their beautiful ceramics made by Curators of Clay.

What’s On The Menu?

Photo source: Third Wave Coffee Roasters

Photo source: Third Wave Coffee Roasters

Well, lots of coffee of course and done in not one but four ways: aeropress, French press, chemex and pour overs. They also do cappuccinos, espressos and lattes {flat white included} with soy milk, flavoured hot and cold coffee, and hot chocolate, courtesy Mason & Co. Some of the bakes are done by Lluvia Bakery, so expect healthier versions of your favourite sweet treats. We tried their fries, which surprise, surprise wasn’t the frozen kind, but were made fresh and tasted great.

Caffeine Dose

The Ganga Estate coffee {sourced from Chikmagalur} was aromatic and moderately strong, but the organic MS Estate brew is for those who love their coffee really dark and intense. The Rosemary Lavender Sea Salt Mocha was not too sweet , just as we like it and the salt and herbs added a nice complementary note to the coffee without overwhelming it.

The cookie came packed with choco chips in a hot skillet and was really chewy and all kinds of delish. You can ask for a scoop of ice cream too, to turn this into decadent treat. There’s panini, bagel sandwiches and even breakfast to go with your coffee here. We are keen to try their crepes next time.

So, We’re Thinking…

While the MS Estate coffee took time to arrive, the folks at Third Wave Roasters were nice enough to ply us with biscotti while we waited. They also whipped up a frothy babyccino {complimentary} for the youngest {a two-year old} member of our group.


Guys free Wi-Fi means you can do coffee and get on with your work too here.

Photos: Third Wave Coffee Roasters