Check Out This Place For Some Mind-Blowing Biryani!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Dindigul Thalappakatti: This brand is well known not just in India but also abroad. It has its roots way back in 1957 when it was established by Mr Nagasamy Naidu. Thalapa (a traditional headgear) worn by Mr Naidu was where the brand derived the word "Thalappakatti" from.

Coming to my order, I ordered the Veg Biryani, Paneer Chilli and Paneer 65. The Biryani is mind-blowing here. The aroma, flavour, spices and the overall taste are something which enthrals your senses. The biryani at this restaurant is made using the superior quality Seeraga Samba rice. The hand-ground masalas are prepared in-house, and they enhance the taste. This biryani is flavorful in every bite and highly recommended. The biryani comes with a salan and raita.

The paneer dishes were equally good and tasty. Paneer was soft and scrumptious. I loved how it melted in my mouth. The Paneer Chilli was perfect with the capsicum while the Paneer 65 with its spices tasted delish.

Packaging - The packaging is excellent and spill-proof. They mention the temperature of the chef, food packer and delivery person on the package. They also provide a hand sanitizer with every package delivered.
Delivery – Prompt and timely; contactless