This Charming Baker Takes Cookie Art To The Next Level And We're Ordering Them All

    What Makes It Awesome

    If you thought these photos were prints and not cookies, then you're exactly like me. I thought they're fridge magnets but when I was given one and bit into it, I was gobsmacked! Not only were they utterly delicious but so cute. Baked with creativity and passion by Freeda, who's based in CV Raman Nagar, Freddie's Baking Studio is officially our new favourite place for cookies. She takes customised orders and we're tripping on her humour that subtly weaves into her cookie art. What intricacy in the writing, plus fun captions. Win-win if you ask us! Be it a baby shower, gender reveal, wedding, or just for fun for a good friend or your Mum, hit up Freeda and get personalised cookies. We've seen cutesy bikini shaped ones, unicorn ones that will make even adults believe in them, simple ones with cheesy messages, and even some of the one and only Thalaivar. And if you don't know who that is, it's Rajnikanth! Taking orders online via email or Instagram, she'll deliver it right to your doorstep.

    How Much Did It Cost

    Prices for each cookie ranges from INR 60 to INR 80 for the mini ones. You can even get packs of four for INR 240 for the minis and INR 320 for the large ones. Customised cookies are priced differently, and are between INR 100 and INR 200.

    Pro Tip

    Make sure you order her Christmas specials! They are the best! Or actually, her anything specials are amazing. Keep an eye out on social media to get the best of her customised stuff!
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