This Place In Jayanagar Serves Amazing Maggie And Pizza

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What Makes It Awesome?

Have been their customer since a very long time for now, from Blue Wagon the food truck to Blue Wagon the Kitchen, I have witnessed the progress of good food making into people's hearts and loyal customers. The owners Hitesh and Ipsa are quite popular among the loyal customer base. Blue Wagon is a fantastic place to have many varieties of Maggi, fusion burgers and pizzas. The Chutney Fries and Nachos are any days awesome. This review is based on many visits 😂

Firstly talking about their newly launched, Chilli Thupka Maggi with Momos: Chilli Thupka infused Maggi being slightly soupy and fried momos in the bowl. Just thinking about this, is making my mouth water. The correct proportion of chilli Thupka in Maggi with a fantastic fried momo is something rejuvenating

Butter Garlic Maggi with Mushrooms: Tell me who is not a fan of their Butter Garlic Maggi? And mushrooms stuffed inside will be too good. Soft mushrooms and butter garlic Maggi is amazing.

Tomato Basil Cheese Maggi: This became my favourite after having it here. Tomato made to very small pieces and basil with cheese in the right proportion would make this an amazing dish. Loved it

Habanero Chilli Cheese Maggi: One of the spiciest and hottest Maggi ever had. Those who require some extreme spice can have this

Chutney Fries: This is my favourite here. Please see that the fries are not crispy. They have a wonderful flavour of green chilli infused with fries. Chutney plays the cards here.

Tofu Panner Sandwich: Man. Tofu tossed on a pan and infused with spices and grilled with Mayo. This is for one who loves Pesto. Pesto and Tofu gives a perfect flavour.

Cheese Overload Pizza: Firstly coming to the marinara sauce, it is being prepared in-house and I saw that in my own eyes. Veggies covered with lots of cheese on a regular size pizza base. This definitely was incredible. Cheese Overload Pizza with so much cheese and the size, the price is really less. I can tell it's a steal deal

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Kids, Bae