This Initiative Makes The Best Out Of Waste, And Can Help You Grow A Green Garden Too

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What Makes It Awesome?

Our natural resources if used wisely and Kye Kast (translated into ‘hand-cast’) by Eco Clocks, in their effort to promote conservation efforts, actively only use upcycled and recycled materials for the products that they sell.

They have a number of projects in the same vein, but we're here to talk about the range of home decor and stationery that have a relatively carbon footprint and can add a dash of quirk to your home aesthetic. Stationery fiends, keep it sustainable with their range of handmade paper and its products (like notebooks, stationery holders, and small folders) plantable pens which basically have seeds in them, and key chains and knick-knacks made of plant fibers and components. They basically make pulp out of its materials like sugarcane fiber, tree bark, and shape into usable products.

Lampshades (look out for the ones made of tetra packs!), trays, paper straws, key holders made of branches, and even art are some of the other eco-conscious products that they have. Apart from their products, they offer services to help you give back to the earth with compost, vermicomposts and practically self-sustaining gardening equipment and accessories (like grow bags for multiple plants) for your kitchen garden.

What Could Be Better?

The only way to contact them is via social media(where you don’t get the full idea of what they do and services they offer), and they aren’t entirely responsive.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000