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This Stunning Rooftop In Jayangar Serves Amazing Pan Asian Food

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What Makes It Awesome?

Well, Jayanagar has this new rooftop for Pan Asian Cuisine lovers. This place is top-notch and impeccable, really impressed by the Food and the research which has gone in. Whatever we had ordered was perfect. Rooftop with some Asian Cocktails, fantastic food, what more do you need

In mocktails, they serve Iced Milo which in turn brings back our childhood memories with Milo. A very impressive mocktail called as Cendol Champion made with jelly and coconut milk with palm jaggery is a must-try.

Bamboo Shoot soup or the Bhutanese Soup here was a perfect pick. Vegetables cut in a particular shape and boiled with the broth and a pinch of turmeric makes it awesome

In the grill, we can have Mushroom Satay which is more of strong in flavour with a beautiful presentation. One can experience a Dimsum Heaven here, all the Dimsums are truly amazing. Spinach and Brocolli ones are for health freaks. I was mesmerized by the Crystal Egg Dimsums which had egg infusion and also a perfect spice. The shitake mushroom and chicken Dimsums are a must for Mushroom lovers.

Crispy Lotus Stem at its best! On point, crispy and spicy at a time. This is definitely not to be missed. Ayam Goreng Rawit is a street delicacy of Indonesia where a chicken leg is deep-fried and infused with spices and huge amounts of red chillies.

In mains, one can have a Wok Monk Vegetables for a gravy which is their signature and also has veggies like Brocolli, wild mushrooms, peppers, baby corn, carrots, beans and whatnot in a subtly spiced gravy. To support this you have Wok Monk fried rice which has Bamboo Shoot and a perfect proportion of Vegetables to rice. One can thoroughly be impressed with the Indonesian Indomie Goreng, where we customized it with a half fried Egg on top. This dish tasted like Nasi Goreng but with Noodles and grilled tofu was supplemented with it.

Surprisingly, Pan Asian Desserts were fantastic here. Fried Icecream had coconut crumbs on top and the inner ice-cream was butterscotch!! This thoroughly blew my mind. Choco Tsunami is a Dimsum filled with Chocolate, good for Chocolate lovers

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids