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This Submarine Themed Brewery Is One Of A Kind

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What Makes It Awesome?

I visited The Yellow Submarine a few weeks back mainly after hearing about the Butter Beer that they had launched. It is located right opposite IIM Bangalore, and finding it is no hassle at all. Having no idea about the setup, I just reached the place and I was spellbound before even entering the place. Just loved how well made the entry was, exactly like the entrance to a submarine. Located on the terrace, it had amazing views, with a small yellow coloured bridge over a miniature pond. The colours were nice and vibrant, which just makes you light up from inside. Their service staff is nice and courteous, well versed with the offerings and always helpful. Apart from the beers, some of their food items are also extraordinary. The following section gives a brief overview of all the items that I tried:

For drinks I tried:

Butter Beer (9.5/10) - This is probably one of the best beers that I've had, and I can't stop raving about it. Slightly sweet with a caramel-like taste paired with a smooth and rich after taste which is why it's mentioned butterbeer. Can't wait to try this again. A must-have for all!

Doctor Deflector (8.5/10) - This was an apple based mocktail, hence that name. It had some lime and soda along with a sprig of rosemary and wasn't very sweet. It worked as a nice palate cleanser and makes for a good option in case you don't drink.

For food I tried:

Buttermilk Fried Chicken (9/10) - A perfect rendition of a nice fried chicken, this was amazing. Crispy on the outside, and soft and succulent chicken inside, the buttermilk coating made it soft and helped it retain the moisture. It also had a sprinkling of Peri-Peri spice mix on the outside that added a little zing and made it a dish that everyone must try. Goes amazingly well with their freshly brewed beers!

Lotus Stem Chips (8/10) - These were thinly cut and fried to a nice crispy. It had loads of chillies so only try this if you can handle that.

Grilled Chicken Skewers (8.5/10) - This contained nice and succulent chicken pieces on a skewer. They were mildly spiced pretty and served along with a peanut sauce, pretty much like Indonesian Chicken Satay.

Cheese and Spinach Croquettes (9/10) - The best starter amongst the vegetarian dishes, the name itself sounds enticing. The croquettes were crispy on the outside and nice and creamy inside with a well-seasoned stuffing of spinach and cheese. These had a little spice inside that did the trick as they weren't just plain bland.

Hot and Sour Fish (8.5/10) - Nicely fried basa fish pieces, soft and succulent inside. The preparation was pretty similar to a sweet and spicy South Asian stir-fried appetizer but tasty nonetheless.

Ajwaini Paneer Tikka (8.5/10) - This was quite nice as well, with the paneer pieces having a nice coating of masala. In terms of spices, it was pretty much perfect and the paneer was quite soft too.

24" Monster Pizza (8.5/10) - We ordered a half and half of the vegetarian and the BBQ chicken options. This pizza is a must-order just for the whole show around it, especially if you're going in a big group. Even in terms of taste, it was quite nice. I tried the chicken part and was more than satisfied with the taste. The base was thin, and the toppings generous, while the sauce was slightly sweet, as what is expected of a BBQ sauce.

For desserts I tried:

Baked Cheesecake (8.5/10) - Quite liked how well the cheesecake was baked. It was rich and creamy and just melted in the mouth. It was served with blueberry compote on top which was not too sweet and made for a great combination together.

Housemade Snicker Bar (9/10) - I liked this dessert not only in terms of the innovation but also in terms of taste. I've always been a fan of the chocolate and peanut combination, and both of these came together very well with some caramel along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Must try this one.

Overall, this place got a new fan in me. I went all excited about the butterbeer, but it was the food that made me happy. Some of the dishes such as the Buttermilk Fried Chicken, the 24" Monster Pizza and the Snicker bar were too good. Moreover, the price isn't too heavy on the pocket, and if you go with a big group of friends and order the Monster pizza, it will all be a steal!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Bae