Take It And Go Is A Super Cool, New Bicycle Delivery Service In Town

Aakanksha posted on 22nd October

Ten-Second Takeaway

These bicycles messengers are eco-warriors and saviours! They’ll deliver your package across town, in under three hours, and don’t charge the earth and the moon.

Biker Brigade

Essentially an on-demand, hyperlocal delivery services operated only on bicycles, Take It And Go will hopefully be our saviours. In fact, I am envisioning Joseph Gordon Levitt bringing me my lunch! What? You’re not picturing his film Premium Rush in a Bangalore scenario? Started hardly two days ago by Shariq Rahman and Ben Joseph, who are also co-founders of Life Behind Bars cycles (hmmm, another LBB in the hood!}, TIAG was born from their love for bikes {that too brakeless fixed gear bicycles which enable you to ride really fast!}. And since our fine city’s sole bane is its traffic, what better what to solve delayed delivery problems than whizzing past traffic on a bike, eh?

High-Speed Delivery

So whether you’re a bakery who’s looking to make a quick delivery, a company that needs papers sent across to a client, a friend wanting to surprise someone with a present or a lazy person, these guys will sort out your delivery needs. They have a rate slab for distance and weight. The prices start at INR 100 for under 5kms and for packages under 3 kilos. But don’t go packing contraband of any sort, guns, pets, people or cash above INR 5,000! They won’t accept it! Currently servicing the CBD, Indiranagar, Frazer Town, Kalyan Nagar and Hennur, you can expect the biker boys to be in Koramangala, Jayanagar and Rajajunagar soon too! All you need to do is give them a call.

Beating Rush Hour

Since they’re worker-owned and operated, you know you’ll get the best service. As Ben says, “Our team will do whatever it takes to get the job done right, because when your business grows, so does ours.” Also, deep inside, they wanted to be bike messengers. And if you have such feelings too, they’re happy to work with other fellow bikers. So, join the brigade by signing up here! See. I told you… it all boils down to Joseph Gordon Levitt!}.

Price: INR 100 upwards

Contact: 8095646156

Timings: Monday to Thursday, 8am to 8pm, Friday, 9am – 8pm, Saturday from 8am to 1pm; closed on Sundays