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Get Custom, Upcycled Jackets, Coconut Shell Candles & More By This Brand

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Tiger & Twig

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What Makes It Awesome

As we move to a post-consumerist world, more and more people and brands are realising the value of materials (and their quality) and products beyond their first use. Tiger & Twig is one such brand. Based out of Mumbai, the brand has a limited range of fashion, decor, and personal care products. Most of them are made of upcycled materials (and waste products) from glass bottles to waste fabrics. 

When it comes to their clothing, it’s all made from ethically sourced plant-based fabric (think cotton, bamboo, linen and the like), or from fabric discards. What we found really cool is that if you have jeans or a denim jacket, they’ll upcycle it for you with patterns on it. The pattern can be your own too if you like! And it can be done to suit your measurements. If you’re looking for Gen Z style slow fashion, Tiger & Twig has you sorted.

Their home decor follows suit, but what caught our attention are their soy wax candles that are almost TOO PRETTY to burn! The foliage candle has a variety of dried flowers and the unique coconut shell candle is available with coffee beans & star anise, coffee beans & and orange, and orange & flowers. All candles come are scented with essential oils, and the coconut shell can be refilled and used too. Other decor options include upcycled bottle platters and vases. You can actually tell where the bottle was sourced from be it Absolut or Kingfisher, even if the bottle is flattened and reshaped. You can order all of these and more from their website. 


Everything is made by hand from the stitching and painting to setting, so expect anything you order to look slightly different than it does in the photos. Also keep an eye out on their IG page for limited series products that include art as well!