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This Indian Restaurant Gets A New Facelift But Retains The Authentic Flavours Of Forgotten Recipes



    Reinventing their North Indian restaurant, into an all Indian restaurant, with modern vibes, Tijouri, at Radisson Blu Atria brings back forgotten recipes.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Aptly called Tijouri (it means vault, literally) is truly quite the secure place when it comes to the safety of age-old recipes and culinary classics. The basement restaurant has been given a modern facelift of mood lighting, modern furniture, and a proper bar. The model tijouri, laden with (fake) jewels, and now whiskey bottles, however, remains. Old-timers will notice this! That, and a few favourites from the original menu, notably the kebabs!

    We kicked things off with Jalpari Kebab which was succulent tiger prawns char grilled with masala. Just right. The Shammi Kebab was a bit of a letdown, as it heavily lacked flavour, and richness which we usually associate with it. Tangri Shirazi, an Awadhi-style chicken, made up for it though, and whetted our appetites nicely! Vegetarians, the Paneer Tikka Tawa Masala and Malai Broccoli Tikka should be your pick. 

    Mains comprised a very interesting Bhindi Palak Ki Bhurji which is a semi-gravy mix of okra and spinach. A fine way to trick kids into eating their greens. Tadkawali Dahi is a creamy dish made from yoghurt, tomato, onion and curry leaves -- not your usual combination a tangy, and impressive one. Meat eaters, try the Murgh Kalimirchi and the Nalli Nihari. The chicken is piquant and has a proper hit of black pepper. Perfect with a buttery naan! The mutton, though a tad tough on the day we went, had the flavours on point. Feel free to scoop out the bone marrow, that’s where the real taste is!


    Desserts take a fusion route. They have Boondi Paan Bakes Yoghurt, which is mildly flavoured. If you like paan you might enjoy this. The Masala Chai Creme Brulee confused us as it was overpowering and not quite a fab combination. Maybe stick to jamoons, phirni and rasmalai here.