Shopping At This Ceramic Design Studio Will Have You Wanting More!

What Makes It Awesome

Tippy Trails is a ceramic design studio that mainly focuses on promoting Karnataka based crafts and incorporates that into the adorable products made at the studio. Using ceramic and glass as primary materials, the founder Nisarga Yadav makes home decor, tableware garden and table accessories. Handmade hanging planters with rabbit faces, pots that look like goofy owls, bowls and soap dishes that have ethnic motifs on them can all be found here. These will add an earthy vibe to your house.

Cups that double up as pen holders come in shapes of bikes and auto-rickshaws and handmade marbled dip bowls in pastel blues will definitely motivate you to cook for yourself. Nisarga also conducts pottery classes for beginners that happen around the city. She also takes up customisations so in case you have something on your Pinterest board, give it to her to see it come to life. Starting at INR 200, this store will become a favourite for gifting ideas!


Tippy Trails doesn’t have a physical store yet so you can contact them on the phone number or follow them on social media in case you want to order to know when they are doing pop-ups (they have stalls at fests like Sunday Soul Santhe and Sampoorn Flea Fest).