Whether you’re on the Metro, driving by or in bus, when passing Toit you will look wistfully look into the wooden building dreaming of being inside it. Stop pretending you don’t! We certainly do. And while the ambience, concept and brews are enough to keep the crowds coming, there are something you simply have to try at this popular microbrewery and pub. So naturally we have a top-five-at-Toit. And the winners are *drumroll*

Toit Weiss


Let’s not fool any one. You go to Toit for the brews. And the Toit Weiss is the most popular. A cloudy, light and delicious Hefeweizen or wheat beer, we love it for the hints of banana and clove. Pure, authentic and just the Germans would approve, order one of these and you’ll never be able to stop.

Price: INR 240

Lamb Fig And Cheese Pizzas


Photo: Parul Nangal

While we vouch for all the pizzas here {especially the Pepperoni and Margherita}, the most innovative one is also our personal favourite – Lamb, Fig And Cheese. Albeit a bit of a strange combination, you will not believe {until you taste it, so please do} how beautifully the mildly spiced lamb goes with the crunchy and slightly sweet figs. With a drizzle of cheese over this, we think it’s a ménage à trois made in heaven.

Price: INR 500

Cheesy Potato Skin


Photo: Parul Nangal

Dreamy, rich and mighty filling, look no further than the Cheesy Potato Skin {with sun-dried tomatoes or bacon, if you want to forge a long lasting relationship. We’ve been eating this for years, and long may that last! While the bacon version is yummy, the slightly salty and intense flavour of the sun-dried tomatoes offsets the cheese and potato. This may be part of our ‘Last Meal On Earth’.

Price: INR 175 upwards

Bacon Wrapped Chicken


If we were to describe our version of perfection, it would have succulent chicken, crispy bacon rashers, creamy sauce and a crunch of almonds. Oh wait! That’s exactly what the Bacon Wrapped Chicken at Toit is! Served with mashed potatoes, broccoli and carrots {for that healthy aspect}, it’s a rather heavy meal {it has cheese inside the chicken!} but very worth it. Don’t load up on the starters if you’re picking this for the mains.

Price: INR 350

Toit Special


Come what may, end with this chocolate cake. It’s not just any old cake as well — it’s a deep dark one. While most places try to sweeten cakes, these guys have struck the balance of bitter sweet for this large cake. Oh! And it’s flambéed so expect some drama at the table. Accompanied by whipped cream {which you don’t actually need}, it’s quite a meal by itself. We sometimes hit up this beer house just for a quick beer and cake — the stuff dreams are made of, you see!

Price: INR 300