Biryani Lovers! This Legendary Home Caterer Is Back In Business And Is Offering 11 Types Of Biryani


    After a brief hiatus, Azra Sidhan’s popular Tona’s Biryani is back. Open for business during the weekends, the home caterer serves up 11 types of biryani.

    Biryani Is Bae

    After ruling the roost in the kitchen for decades and earning plenty of love from family and friends, Azra Sidhan took her passion for cooking to the next level and opened Tona’s Biryani about six years ago. Offering a range of biryanis, Tona’s became an instant hit with Bangalore’s biryani lovers. But in 2013, Sidhan decided to take a break, disappointing a whole lot of fans.

    But a couple of weeks ago, much to the delight of biryani aficionados in the city, Tona’s has announced a comeback and is open for business. Operating on the weekends {Friday – Sunday}, you can pick from a long list of biryani offerings. There’s the tried and tested Chicken Biryani or you can opt for Yakhni and Mughlai versions too. You can also get similar options in Mutton. But if you’d like to try something offbeat the Mutton Kheema Masoor Pulao is a great option. Fish, prawn, egg and vegetarian biryanis are also part of the menu.

    Family Food

    Sidhan takes great pride in Tona’s and each biryani is made using a well-guarded family recipe. Sidhan presides over the kitchens herself and that’s why she’s a little picky about taking orders. So, make sure you give her enough time to prepare your stellar biryani {at least 24 hours}. You can also check out the weekend specials on their Facebook page.

    Tona’s only offers biryani {with raita} but in the near future, they are looking to tie up with other catering outfits to offer more elaborate menus. For now, Sidhan is happy to whip you up a Baingan Ka Salan to accompany your order for an extra cost. The minimum order is for 5 people and the maximum is 100. You can either pick up your order or they’ll send it across to you if you are willing to shell out for the transport.