Take A Swing At The Putting Greens At Touche Golf School For Just INR 550 A Day

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Learn about birdies, eagles and albatrosses at Touche. And no, we’re not talking about birds. We’re talking about getting your golf game on.

Hole In One

Started back in 2009 to make golf more accessible to people who aren’t members of swish golf clubs, Touché Golf School is your go-to place to learn the sport. Located on the outskirts of the city, just past the Jakkur Post, the 26-acre facility is great for beginners and it’s even got a six-hole course for those who already know how to play but don’t have access to other greens.

Par Excellence

What’s really great about this golf school is that they have batches for kids and adults alike. So no need to feel odd if you’re not quite young but still want to take up this sport. Taught by pros, led by school director and pro-golfer, Bamby Randhawa, there’s lots of theory involved so you have a solid base. Not only will you perfect you swing, but since they take golfing seriously, there’s also a nutritionist, fitness trainer and sports psychologist to help you on your way to becoming the next Tiger Woods — minus the notoriety.

Caddie Up

Just getting started? Not to worry. They have a lovely Foundation Programme {conveniently on weekdays or weekends} that includes everything from putting and chipping to full swing and playing the course itself. Once you graduate this segment, there’s beginners, intermediate, advanced and even an elite course. Told you, it’s absolutely full swing! And the best part? They’re all 60-day programmes so it’s not long-drawn. So, lads and ladies, boys and girls, how about we weave our way into the PGA circuit? Price: INR 16,000 upwards for ten sessions. Or INR 450 per session on the course