Towels And Mats By The Weight At This Export Surplus Basement Store

    Jayanagar, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Most of us are shocked when we realise (while adulting and actually buying it ourselves) that mats and towels don't come cheap, especially the good quality ones. SS Exports in Jayanagar 4th Block (near Euki) could be the answer to all your drying woes if you've got an eye for quality at throwaway prices. Easily identifiable by the halogen lamps, and pretty much every type of light on its banner advertising their goods (you're more likely to see that than the name), they sell towels and mats by the weight. Anyone who's setting up their home on a budget can rest easy as there's something for you in the mountains of drying material they've got. From fluffy, luxurious towels to large graphic ones for the beach (or a picnic if you're so inclined), and a section full of hand and tea towels, pick up your loot and get it weighed at their one of their weighing machines. Their stock of mats is just as extensive with the fluffy bathroom ones, to indoor mats for the door, table mats, and a few wall to wall ones (but they only have certain sizes, so you might want to check that before you pick it up). Some of the stuff they have there is in the ambiguous category between mats and towels when you inspect the material and size. We're guessing these are couch throws, and prices are calculated based on what the store owner thinks they are (still cheaper than what you'd get anywhere else). Since they're an export reject store, be prepared to hunt for something through their piles and piles of cloth to find something absolutely perfect.

    What Could Be Better?

    While the quality of their products is definitely great, being sold in a basement store as they are has caused some fading in colours (or could just be dust and pollution from the road in front), so you could either take those, or hunt through the depths of their piles if you're not willing to compromise.

    How Much Did It Cost?

    Towels at INR 500 per kilo and mats at INR 200 per kilo.
      Jayanagar, Bangalore