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Thalis, Zutho And Pork: Get Your Fill Of Naga Delights At This Restaurant In Ejipura

    Ejipura, Bangalore


    Ejipura’s Tragopan, a Naga restaurant, offers loads of pork dishes, spicy delicacies and a minimalist ambience.

    Naga Love

    Located in Ejipura, about a kilometre from the Infant Jesus Church, Tragopan is a small restaurant opened in March of 2016 serving authentic Naga food, with pork occupying the majority of the menu and zutho {fermented rice beer} also being another highlight. Pork is definitely the mainstay of this menu. Particular mentions go out to the pork curry with hamuk {snails} and pork innards. You could even opt for the smoked pork {fatless and boneless options available} curry alternatives here, served with axone {boiled, fermented and dried soya bean} or anishi {fermented taro leaf patties, smoked or sun dried}. They also have Naga thalis, with smoked pork, pork cooked with bamboo shoot, chicken, fish and beef options. The thali comes with rice, dal, chutney and curry.

    More Than Just Food

    Tragopan even had a live music night and also does a load of offers for their loyal customers, including free meals and even movie tickets!

      Ejipura, Bangalore