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Trains May Soon Have Economy ACs That Let You Travel In Comfort For Cheaper Fares


    Now you don’t have to splurge almost the price of an air ticket to travel in AC comfort in a train. Say hello to Economy AC coaches set to be rolled out soon.

    Cool And Comfortable

    Hurrah, no need to freeze in the 1,2,3 AC coaches in trains now with the option of Economy AC coaches coming soon. Apparently, the trains will have three-tier Economy AC coaches, apart from the usual AC cars — first, second and third. If you book tickets in this new class, you’re not going to need those railway blankets {not that they were so wonderful to start with} as the temperature will be controlled and maintained at 24 to 25 degrees Celsius. Additionally, automatic doors will be fitted onto these coaches for a modern and more convenient look.

    But the best part? This will be much more economical that even the third AC tickets, but for much more comfort than the regular sleeper class. Finally we can look forward to travelling in comfort without prices being almost as much as plane fares. Let’s just hope it works out!

    This post first appeared in The Economic Times. Read the full article here.