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Forget Pondicherry! Head To The Land Of The Singing Waves For A Weekend Getaway

    What Makes It Awesome

    If Pondicherry or any other coastal town is getting too mainstream and you want to discover some off-beat destinations, then head to Tranquebar for a weekend getaway. Located at about three hours away from Pondicherry, this coastal village used to be a former Dutch Colony and later occupied by the British East India Company. It is originally called Tharangambadi which translates to the land of the singing waves and later came to be popularly known as Tranquebar post the Dutch colonisation. Located in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu, Tranquebar is about 434 kilometers away from the city. You can either drive down or take an overnight bus to Tranquebar. During your visit, head to the Dansborg Fort which is the second-largest Danish fort in the world and is about 400 years old. 

    Do check out the Dansborg Archaeological Museum inside the fort and marvel at the art and artifacts collections of the Danes back in the date. Visit The Governor's Bungalow built way back in 1784 which is now being restored. Along with a central public area, a library, an exhibition area, and a small Tamil restaurant are also being constructed. Head to the Masilamani Nathar Temple built by the Pandya king Maravarmam Kulasekara Pandyan way back in 1306 with a unique combination of Chinese and Indian architecture. Visit the New Jerusalem Church and Zion Church which is one of the oldest Danish establishments in Tranquebar. Stay at The Bungalow On The Beach and relax and rejuvenate away from the hustle-bustle of the city life. Walk along the Tharangambadi beach and witness the sunset while you are there.