Trek This Hill Range a 100 KM From Bangalore And Make A Day Trip Out Of It

Siddara Betta


Siddara Betta is a popular tourist spot near Madhugiri in Karnataka. This place is a hotspot for trekkers and adventurers.

What Makes It Awesome

Siddara Betta is a hill range around a 100 km away from Bangalore and is a gold mine for historical facts. Siddara Betta means ‘hill of saints’ in Kannada because the hills were home to several saints who came here to attain enlightenment. 

When you leave from Bangalore, make sure to take the right on Koratagere highway and a left after to Chikkathotlukere Main road to reach your destination. Controlled and managed by the Karnataka Forest Department, you’ll see a small entrance with a Ganapati temple to the left. The steps are rocky and almost seems never-ending but the trek to the top of the hill is definitely worth the view. 

With cave temples and streams here, you will feel refreshed from the coolness in the caves. In case you get hungry during lunchtime, there is a free afternoon mail available between 12 and 3:30 PM at the base of the hill range. If you’re travelling with family, there are guides available who will accompany you to the top. All said, challenge yourself to a weekend with nature with this one-day road trip. 


Monkeys are found in abundance here so be careful while carrying food and water with you.

Siddara Betta