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#TrendingNow: To Make Or Not To Make A Big Deal About The Ramen Burger

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Ramen + meat + cheese + egg.  What’s not to like about this trendy, novelty burger?

Trend Too Late?

The ramen burger trend is a bit too late in coming to our fine city. In 2013, both the ramen burger and the cronut hit the food trendscape and created a giant stir. The creation of the original ramen burger can be credited to blogger Keizo Shimamoto, when he debuted this Japanese meets American mish-mash at a Brooklyn food festival. Since then the ramen burger has taken over every foodie’s imagination with endless trials at home and too much Instagram frenzy.

From Ramen To Burger

That is why, when I heard that a ramen burger has finally arrived in our fair city, at Pot-O-Noodles, I decided to test it out instantly. The Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Ramen Burger was two pan-fried bun shaped ramen roundels that came stuffed to the gills with a chunk of grilled teriyaki flavoured chicken, caramelised onion, cheese, and fried egg. Particularly unhealthy {fried ramen yo!} and junk food in all its glory, we were instant fans though. Eating it was messy {but in a good way} with runny eggs, sticky sauces and managing those tricky ramen buns that were fast becoming softer and limper. Midway we decided to ditch trying to hold all of this together and took to a trusty fork and knife. The noodles were crunchy {initially} and went so well with the teriyaki chicken and the sunny side up eggs, that we could cry. This is how it must feel like being in umami heaven. The Sriracha mayo served with the burger provided no respite with its fiery contents, but we were relentless in polishing it off too between glasses of water.

Close Seconds

There’s regular Chinese on the menu, but who would want Chinese when there’s ramen to be had {I will do anything for a soupy bowl of ramen}. The Pork Pot Stickers were charred just right and although a bit too greasy, the mince inside was really flavourful. The Roast Pork ramen with runny eggs {perfectly done}, scallions, Shiitake mushrooms , bean sprouts and bamboo shoot {we didn’t find any} was hearty but not greasy at all.

Are We Getting This Again?

Yes, yes, yes to the Ramen Burger. Plus, did we mention that the burger prices are so reasonable {Starts at INR 175}. Pot-O-Noodles also serves another version with pork patty, cheese, lettuce, fried egg and crispy bacon, and that must be conquered on the next visit. Vegetarians, unfortunately, no one is thinking up of an awesome ramen burger for you yet, though there are many other things to try here on the menu.