Tick Tock Terrific: You Will Love These Design Forward Wall Clocks "Big Time"

    What Makes It Awesome

    We'll get straight to the point before we run out of time (and your attention). Clarco is a local brand that is making what's indispensable to every home, more personal. We're talking, wall clocks. Think about it, while you worry about picking out fancy decor, Mr Always Right usually takes a backseat. What we end up buying is lackluster and solely for the purpose of well, time telling. That does not have to be the case though, because you can buy a wall clock that does what it needs to and look good at that. 

    Here's what we like design wise when it comes to Clarco wall clocks. They are large enough to nonchalantly sit on any wall of any room at home, but also eye catchy (more this later) and readable. And these are analog clocks, woohoo! (c'mon, digital wall clocks just don't feel right). Now the exciting bit, style and patterns. These are round clocks but how many regular round clocks have mandala prints, or flowers or checkered and geometric patterns? Exactly. Clarco channels cheesy to fun to calm auras. Like we would assume, if you love flowers, you'd get the Sunflower Pattern Blue Clock but if your style is more vintage, you'd get the Golden Roman Numerals. 

    Get on to Shop On LBB to get a sense of where we're headed. These beauties are priced at flat INR 1,499 and are currently at a 47 percent discount aka any clock at just INR 799. Hurry, you're really up against time here.