The Hobbit Cafe: Drop By This Hobbit Inspired Cafe In Koramangala

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What Makes It Awesome?

The Hobbit Cafe is set up with inspiration from the Lord Of The Rings & the Hobbit Series. Starting from the door to all the internal decors they have done a beautiful job. And the best part is the staff here are the dwarfs. This is an extraordinary concept I would say. They were so sweet with all the smiles.
But yes the place is large enough.

Here are my most favourites from what we ate:

1. Little Hearts: They bake their bread and everything in the house and this little Hearts from their special bake was the best. Tasted Almost same as the little Hearts and bringing back the memories of childhood ❤️

2. Baked Momos: A very unique dish which just blew up the minds. I loved the chicken one better than the veg though. The sauces were amazing too.

3. Chicken Wontons: Loved it with the sauce. Crispy outside and the chicken stuffed inside. The flavour was perfect.

4. Tandoori Yoghurt Kebab: A must try for the vegetarians. It was presented like a Popsicle and it looked so cute and Tasted so good.

5. Baked Lasagna: love love love the cheesy layers baked perfectly & so scrumptious and the cheese is the winner here.

6. The big fat Carnivore Burger: In house buns stuffed with veggies, chicken double patty and then comes the Nachos and then finally the onion rings and served with fries. It is so big that it doesn't fit into the mouth at a time. Unique and luscious. A must try I would say if you are a burger freak.

And among the desserts, I loved their doughnuts. Not many complaints with regards to food.
The service was perfect. The little people all around with happy smiles serving you from your heart. Loved the vibes❤️

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids