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Get All Kinds Of Delicious, Flavorful & Rich Pork Dishes At This Place!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Tried out some delicious pork dishes from a brand new cloud kitchen in Koramangala and each dish was better than the other. Do let me know which you'd like to try first.

When I first visited Coorg, the tradition pork dishes intrigued me. And when I got to know that this brand new cloud kitchen in Koramangala was serving some incredible pandhi curry, I could barely resist myself from trying it out.

Coorg Style Pandi Curry is a speciality pork dish of the Coorgi Cuisine. Spicy, rich and flavorful pork dish is unique and special with the distinct flavour of Kachampuli extract - peculiar to the region but the tribal folks have mastered the art. Coorg Style Pandi (Pork) Curry is the most beautiful way of relishing pork. Coorg is a district in Karnataka and you will find a lot many special dishes having its origin here. Coorgis chop the pork pieces in fairly big squares. They allow the meat to cook in its own fat and the spices get well absorbed in the flesh.

The one from Roasted oink was an incredibly close recreation of the same but with a big bonus - it was boneless, I mean that's beyond anything more I could ask for

I had the same with Akki Otti - a rice flatbread which is a staple at breakfast in Coorg traditionally made by patting out the dough in circular movements on a dampened piece of muslin cloth placed on a round wooden rolling board.
The mild sweet aftertaste of the akki otti goes perfectly well with the spicy pandhi curry.

I also loved the sweetness infused honey garlic pork from here and the Andhra style pork fry. All their pork dishes are boneless and this makes me want to order in pork only from here. The prices are very well deduced and they have a plethora of options in starters and mains and by far, one of the longest menus that have just pork! Do order in soon and let me know what you loved - because there wasn't anything I didn't!