Workout Like A Navy SEAL With TRX Suspension Training Across Town

Have you been wanting those toned legs and six-packs but think they’re as elusive as unicorns? Well, if you’re serious about working on getting a chiselled body, then TRX SuspensionTraining should be your new workout plan. And don’t Google it yet. We’ll decode it for you. Courtesy the Navy SEALS {where else!}, this form of exercise leverages gravity and your body weight to give you the maximum balance, flexibility and core stability. Ready to push the limit? Here’s our pick of places to train at.

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The Zone

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The Tribe Fitness Club

A3 Performance

This is where man turns machine. And we’re not even joking. What’s great about this place is that if you’re a sportsperson who needs to specifically work on a set of muscles, they’ll modify it to suit you. For those just starting out, you’ll be eased into the training. Get ready to really sweat it out.

The Tribe Fitness Club

You’ll be giving the SEALs a run for their money in this department soon. Like most of the sessions in this place, you’ll be pushed to the limit, but with the trainer on hand all the time, you’ll never go off the edge. Don’t be mistaken though, they will not go easy on you just because you make puppy eyes and look like you may die.

The Zone

Based on your body weight, the trainers here will develop a TRX suspension format for you. And whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, your session will only up your power, strength and flexibility from that level. Of course, if you’re at the advanced level, then apart from us bowing down to you, you can use the space to work out on your own. We pick this one for the intensity and high-energy levels.


The Zone Mind and Body


621, NMH Complex, 1st Floor, 80 Feet Road, 4th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru


Dream Fitness

Functional training and core training is what this place focuses on. Not that TRX aims for anything else anyhow. A mix of core, flexibility and cardiovascular exercises, you’ll start to feel the difference within a week, if you’re regular.