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You’ll Get All Kinds of Pins and Needles at Tsala Studio

Aakanksha posted on 18th December

Ten-Second Takeaway

Heaven on earth if your hobby is sewing, quilting or patchwork, Tsala Studio stocks anything you could possibly need. Plus, Bernina machines and hobby classes in-house.

Tailored fit

If you are a wannabe Gianni Versace or Christian Dior, and like to make your own clothes, then you’ll squeal at the sight of the spanking new Tsala Studio. A one-stop shop for all things sewing, patchwork, quilting and embroidery, even we, who are not too much into stitching, were left gobsmacked at the well-stocked store that opened only yesterday. The bonus is that they are the authorised distributors for the top notch Bernina sewing machines {upon Googling, we found that they are stellar machines from Switzerland being made since 1893!}.

A stitch in time

At the studio, you can also get rulers, marker pens, needles and threads of all thicknesses and colours apart from specialised merchandise used for quilting. How we love those personalised quilts with baby photos, or Christmas detailing and embroidery, and this is exactly where you should head to should you know anyone about quilting. They’ll owe you for ages after you buy them presents from here, we believe.

Quilt tripping

For those who are looking for a new hobby, Tsala Studio also organises sewing, patchwork, quilting and embroidery classes and workshops where you’ll learn from experts, including Bernina artistes and international quilt teachers. Don’t stress if you are a noob, there’s basic and advanced classes to suitably slot yourself.

Where: 301 Vespers, Eagle Street, Langford Town

Contact: +91 9880162266

Price: INR 100 upwards

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301 Vespers, Eagle Street, Langford Town, Bengaluru

Tsala Studio

Shanti Nagar
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