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Sangria-like, Peanut-buttery, Chocolate-y: Coffee That Is Different & Delicious!

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Tulum Coffee

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What Makes It Awesome

Instant coffee does not equal instant happiness just like Tulum Coffee has rightfully put it - 'nothing good in life is instant'. This speciality coffee roasting company, soon becoming a popular name on Instagram, is now sourcing, roasting and packaging their own coffees directly from the farmers of South India. In their goal of constantly trying to innovate and be different they push the boundaries with plain ol' coffee and we aren't complaining! 

Here's some insight. The awesome team behind Tulum Coffee draws experience from Las Americas. Using the skills they imbibed on their journey here, they complement the carefully sourced, high-quality single-origin Arabica coffee beans with their roasting to bring only "the best" tasting coffees to us. It's also important to note that each unique coffee from each estate is roasted to a point where only it's best flavours shine. It's also cool how Tulum takes it right to that point without ruining the coffee-drinking experience.

To support all this praise, here are the coffees you must try - Kerehaklu a sweet, fruity and sangria-like brew from Aldur, Karnataka. A light medium roast, this cup boasts flavour notes of black grapes, strawberry cream and whipped cream. Honey sun-dried Yelagudige "peach" coffee, from Chikmagalur. This medium roast brews a cup with the sweetness of maple syrup, taste and texture of peanut butter and hints of brown spice. Reminds you of a Reese's peanut butter! Our favourite is the Thogarihunkal washed chocolatey coffee that is full-bodied and surprisingly, bright with flavours of orange candy, sweet lime and mild honey together with cocoa - the perfect start to the day!


Tulum Coffee clearly suggests the best type of brewing equipment for each coffee and how it should ideally be enjoyed as a starting point. Feel free to find your own way of enjoying their coffees. You can choose your grind size on LBB based the equipment you use - channi to chemex. Note that there is no added sugar, honey, fruit, flavour, chicory or preservatives in Tulum Coffees.