Ten-Second Takeaway

Just 20 kilometres outside Namma Bengaluru lies the beautiful and pristine Turahalli Forest. A popular destination for cyclists, nature lovers and rock climbers.

Forest Essentials

Considered to be the city’s only surviving forest, the Turahalli forest is a stretch of greenery, located off Kanakapura Road {In fact a hop, skip and jump away from Banashankari}. Popularly known as Karishma Hills, this stretch of beautiful forest is perfect for a day trip, if you are looking for a spot of fresh air, exercise or even adventure. Take a brisk walk or cycle through the forest area and take the road further up to a view point, up amongst giant, craggy boulders {a favourite spot for the city’s rock climbers}. The view point offers a sweeping vista of Bangalore and its surrounding greenery.

A Walk Through

Enter the forest from the southern side to take advantage of peace and quiet and allow yourself to enjoy your trek in solitude as you walk or cycle { there is a decent cycling track here} through the greenery. The vegetation is sparse and mostly comprises tall and fragrant eucalyptus trees. Birdwatchers you can come here to spot your favourite kind of avian creatures, with reported sightings of mynahs, babblers, peafowls and more. Don’t forget to take along your binoculars.


It really is a forest with no annoying snack stall or cold drink guy buzzing around with aerated beverages, so we suggest you take along a little picnic for yourself, if you are planning a day trip, and to make the most of your time here, reach the Turahalli Forest early in the morning to catch the sunrise and the best part of the day.

Where: Turahalli Forest, off Kanakpura Road

Featured image via: The Alternative