Munch On All Things Quirky And Delicious At This Indiranagar Brasserie

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What Makes It Awesome

Bombay Brasserie offers a great variety of modern Indian food and has a quirky vibe going on around the place, be it the decor or the menu presentation, everything is kinda offbeat.

The menu lists some amazing options for both, vegetarians and non-vegetarians, works best when out with your gang. We ordered a Calcutta Club Style Fish Fry, a Mirchi Peanut Gobi, and the Bohri Muslim-style Chicken Biryani.

The Calcutta Club Fish Fry brought back the memories of Fish & Chips, but beautifully Indianised in terms of the flavour, the choice of fish {a Seer slice}, the accompanied Kasundi Mustard Sauce, and Chunky Mango Chutney. The long slice of fish was wonderfully seasoned and fried. The fries were tasty, with a sprinkle of chaat masala.
The Mirchi Peanut Gobi was another top-notch dish, the cauliflower was perfectly cooked and seasoned with green chillies and crushed peanuts. The crunchy curry leaves added to the very southern touch.

The Bohri Muslim Style Chicken Biryani, which I believe takes inspiration from the Calcutta style. A style, where there is a big fat potato that’s cooked in the middle with all the flavourful pot the Biriyani has to offer. Loved every bit of it, the chicken was nice, soft, and beautifully flavoured.

We even ordered a standard Chicken Tikka Masala with a side of Chur Chur Parota. Nothing too fancy, just a spicy sweet Tikka Masala with beautiful chunks of tandoori cooked chicken tenders. The Parota was flaky, layered with some chilli and chaat powder, went amazingly well with the rich gravy of the tikka masala.

Anything Else?

Let's just say that a quick work lunch turned into an elaborate affair at Bombay Brasserie. Overall a great place to binge on Internationalised Indian food, retaining the flavours and essence of India.