Bangalore's Own Harry Potter-Themed Cafe Serves Butterbeer, Chocolate Frogs And More

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    You’ve already read about how awesome we found Bangalore’s first Harry Potter-themed cafe is, right? We are now going to tell you about Two Friends Cauldron’s supposedly ‘magical’ food.

    What Makes It Awesome

    So they have changed their decor a bit since the last time we checked the space out. They have added a few more wall arts such as a few first-year witches brewing potions, a shack that looks a bit like the Weasley house and somewhat like the Shrieking Shack, and a rather out of place trippy, psychedelic wall print. Obviously, on a good day with lots of lights, these spots are perfect for selfies. And we’re still hoping that they’ll make it more like Hogwarts someday, instead of just hints of the magic world. But hey, the magic is in the company, right? So go with fans for the fun of it. The music is definitely not Harry Potter-worthy. We might need to call in Professor Flitwick and his Frog Choir.

    Guys, Two Friends Cauldron has chocolate frogs now. Now, that we have established that fact and caught your attention, let’s move forward. The menu is very Continental (and not the star of the restaurant) with the usual array of pasta, pizza, burgers, and the like, but it’s the names of the dishes that bring the Harry Potter fan in us home. It’s almost like they added Fairy Wings to The Marauder’s Map design menu to truly capture our attention. Marvolo Wings and Crispy Acid Pops are what will catch your eye in the starter section, the Pops being crisply fried chicken (or veggies). Pizzas are plenty with our favourite being the Mrs Weasely’s Exotic Veg Pizza and the Dementors Smokey Pizza. Although we didn’t try the Hogwarts Steak, it does sound appealing and appetising.

    Desserts and drinks are what we truly love here, with the winner being the Chocolate Frogs. Luckily they don’t hop away like in the books. They just stay put, them frog shaped chunks of chocolate, covered in sprinkles, powdered sugar, and chocolate syrup. Giggle Water or the Green Apple Soda and the Butterbeer (a frothy drink with hints of butterscotch) come highly recommended. Although, there’s no harm in trying Muggles Blood or Expresso Patronus.


    If not for the food and music, we’ll definitely go back for the Harry Potter vibes. Although, the distance makes us wish we could apparate or use the Floo Network. We warn you: don't expect this place to be magical. It's just exciting for a few things!