Rubber Dumbbells, Cutesy Clips & Adorable Stationery: There’s Another Japanese-Style Store In Town

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What Makes It Awesome

Similar to Miniso and Usupso, Tynimo is another Japanese-style lifestyle store to hit Bangalore, and we’re not complaining. Just gives us more reason to buy plenty of things, without shelling big bucks. There isn’t anything spectacularly different here; expect the usual suspects like floral vases, hair clips in all colours of the rainbow, and kitchenware (think spoons, cups, plates and glasses) in pops of colour to brighten up the room. We loved the 6-piece measuring spoon set and well as the adorable flamingo mugs, perfect for your morning cuppa. 

Little ones will make sure you buy them the raggedy dolls that have pineapples and strawberries for bodies. They really are soft and quite cuddly. For that touch of kawaii on your desk, pick up paper clips in the form of ladybugs, snails, honey bees, butterflies and frogs, for just INR 75 for 10. Bags, again with pink flamingos or cats, on soothing baby blue, mint green or peach, work well for your lunch box, or as a gym bag. On the gym note, they have one entire corner dedicated to fitness accessories. From pink dumbbells to blue kettle bells, stay fit with these weights for about INR 500. Oh, and yoga mats too!

Knick-knacks which you may or may not really need, are also on offer here. Like notebooks, fake flowers, tiny flower pots, sunglasses and slippers. Plus, when you can get Bluetooth speakers (portable ones) for just INR 1,690 in the shape of old school radios, or a gramophones, then we say you NEED them.

What Could Be Better

Some of the stuff looks like it could break in a day, so beware of expecting too much. 


They also have a section on Indian Handcrafts including painted glassware. An upcoming range of skincare also promised plenty of organic products that will, of course, be made in India. 


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