10 Types Of Music Fiends You'll Find In Bangalore

One of the reasons we love Bangalore is its colourful music scene. The place just wouldn’t be the same without it, no? And let’s not even pretend that you didn’t categorise the townsfolk by the music they listen to! Here’s a list of some of the most common types of  listeners you’ll come across in this musically driven city.

The Elitists

Not to be confused with hipsters and music-nazis, the elitists aren’t as vocal about their musical tastes. Only showing up to events that feature the most revered artistes, this breed is pretty picky. Think Iranian guitarists, Brazilian jazz trumpeters and good luck trying to plug in your iPods into their cars though, you’re going to receive a very polite no.

As seen at: Windmills Craftworks, Whitefield

The Metalheads

Moshpit!!! Stay out or go all in, because there’s no middle ground for the Metalhead. Preferring heavy distortion, dark, edgy sounds and deep lyrics, they’re unashamed of their choices and don’t give a &#$* about yours. Not all of them sport long hair and goatees, so the easiest way to spot them is when they’re head-banging furiously at a concert, miraculously avoiding whiplash.

As seen at: Strawberry Fields and other college fests

The EDM Devotees

They’re in the crowd, holding up heart signs with their hands, waiting for the bass to drop. And when it does, oh my! In real danger of causing a seismic tremor, they’re jumping in ecstasy to the latest Calvin Harris/David Guetta number, with glowsticks by the thousands. If you haven’t guessed already, it’s all about the dance – a marathon that lasts all the way back home.

As seen at: Loft 38, Indiranagar and huge music festivals with thousands of frenzied {read drunk} fans

The Hipsters

They won’t touch a mainstream hit with a a ten foot pole. All the better, because without them, a lot of great, but relatively unknown artistes out there would never have support. While hipsters get a lot of flak for not “fitting in”, you’ve got to admire their audacity. Tell them there’s a jazz-metal fusion band playing on a Tuesday afternoon in the outskirts of the city, and they’ll still turn up. You may not agree with their lifestyle choices {they are really well dressed though}, or may even see it as pretentious, but there’s a whole world out there that needs them. And they’re totally fine by us.

As seen at: The Humming Tree

The Jazz Aficionados

The more discerning type of listener, they’re generally the quietest at the table, soaking in the nuances, following the subtlest changes in rhythm and tone. Engaged both emotionally and intellectually with the music, they can listen to entire instrumental albums without yearning for vocals.

As seen at: bFlat Bar, Indiranagar

The Pop Fanatics

Streaming companies exist because of them and thrive off of their enthusiasm. Making up the majority of music lovers worldwide, they come in all ages and love upbeat, danceable tunes. They’re the folks that get “Music is my life” tattooed on their arms in cursive. They’re at their happiest when Taylor Swift comes out with a new song, even if it’s the millionth time she’s singing about a break up. Additionally, if it’s on the radio, they’re probably in love with it already.

As seen at: Church Street Social on any given afternoon, after college.

The Retro Club

Throwback Thursdays were designed with this group in mind. Preferring the sounds of yester-decade, they keep the classics alive and remind us of how far we’ve come. Nostalgia plays a big part in their musical inclination and without them, we’d be bereft of the music of the past. See them chug down pitchers of beer with their closest buddies, singing along to any number of Led Zepplin hits.

As seen at: Pecos, Jimmy’s and the works.

The Hip-Hop Fiends

Hats tilted to the side, long tees, baggy jeans and colourful sneakers. You know they love rap the moment you see them standing off to the side, nodding their heads, absorbed in the lyrics. Most of them have tried rapping at least once in their lives and will happily give you a demonstration. Telling them you don’t like Eminem will get you into a lot of trouble though, so just don’t.

As seen at: Pebble, Sadashivnagar

The Bollywood Enthusiasts

There are bound to be some everywhere, and by ‘some’ we mean half the audience at any concert. They’re prolific moviegoers, watching almost every new release and learning the songs by heart. All the way from the golden age of Indian cinema and right up to now, they know what they like and are loyal to it. They don’t mind the DJ playing the same song for the 5th time – that’s just how the Bollywood Enthusiast rolls – even if it does happen to be a Himesh Reshammiya track.

As seen at: No Limmits, Brigade Road, downing more vodka than in Honey Singh’s daily routine.

The Amorphous

Although found in small numbers, the Amorphous can be seen everywhere. Unfettered by genre, they’ve got a polyamorous relationship with music and are always on the lookout for new sounds. From Blues to to Electronica to Asian Underground, they’ve got the whole musical map covered. They’re the best way to discover new artists and won’t have a problem accompanying you to any kind of gig.

As seen at: The Humming Tree, supporting both local and international acts.

(Bonus) The Indifferent

While this bunch may not like music so much, they absolutely love talking through performances. If you’ve ever been jerked out of a reverie during a particularly poignant moment at a show, by a sudden burst of laughter, you’re dealing with The Indifferent. Why are they there? We don’t know. What do you do about it? Hope their friends ask them to tone it down. Does that work? Not for long.

As seen at: Just about everywhere, listening to themselves. Sigh..