Now You Can Schedule An Uber Ride Up To 30 Days In Advance

Aakanksha posted on 13th October

Ten-Second Takeaway

Hallelujah! You can now schedule an Uber ride in advance — up to 30 days in advance and until just 15 minutes before you want a cab.

Planning Ahead

No more tension for those 5am flights, or stress before you hit the Saturday night party scene. Why? Because now you can book yourself an Uber {only on X or XL at the moment} well before you actually need the ride. While the costs will be exactly the same, your ride is subject to the Surge Pricing at the time you get into the cab. Great for companies to consolidate bills {because you can then just schedule the ride, and bill it to the company account} and for those who like peace of mind before flights, you can schedule your ride up to 30 days in advance, or even until just 15 minutes before you required.

Oh! And you also can cancel, so don’t worry about losing money.


You’re not guaranteed a cab at the time of booking, as if it is peak hours, others may have scheduled rides before you did. Still, easier than panicking, yes?