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Khara Shavige To Karjura Holige: Ring In Ugadi New Beginnings With A Proper Oota

    Whitefield, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome

    Ugadi cheer is upon us and the reason to start afresh, and welcome a New Year is enough for us to head to Oota at Whitefield for a fitting celebratory oota. We ask you do the same because you will need little to no convincing once you hear what's on the menu. Also, if you want to rid yourself of the pandemic hangover and enter this new year with hopefulness and good vibes, there's no better way than to begin by pleasing your tastebuds and tummy!

    On the menu is everything you would desire of a traditional Ugadi thali and then some. Before you hit the meal, sip on Bevu Bella Panaka, a traditional drink of raw mango , neem leaves, melon and jaggery. The restaurant also suggests you approach this loaded thali respectfully by beginning with the Bele Kai Payasam (coconut and gram dal payasam) marking a sweet start to the year, and then dig into the Kadle Bele Kosambari (gram dal and raw mango salad),  Tove (dal with ghee), Sorekai Kootu (bottle gourd and lentils), Gorikai Palya (cluster beans fry) and Balekai Bajji (raw banana fritters) as appetisers.

    For mains, iconic dishes like Khara Shavige with kai chutney, Double Beans Pulao) and Mysore Spiced Rasam make for star standouts on the plate. Akin to the start, you also end onba sweet with season specials -- Karjura Holige (date holige) and Halasina Hannu Payasa (jackfruit payasam). 


    The Ugadi dishes would be available from the 13th April to 18th April as part of the al la carte menu while the Ugadi Thali will be served only on 13th April for lunch (12pm to 3pm). Prices stand at INR 1,700 plus taxes per guest. Happy Ugadi! 

      Whitefield, Bangalore